You (really) CAN Draw

To be able to See Like A Fine Artist you need to understand how your brain actually gets in the way of your experience.

Contour drawing is one of the ideal ways to develop the ability to bypass your brain to simply let your eyes guide the movement of your hand.

You will no longer be able to say: "I can't draw a stick figure." or "I have no talent."

You don't need talent, you simply need the desire to draw - that's all it takes.

Let me show you how.

And if you've been drawing for awhile but aren't improving, contour drawing could be the missing piece you really need.

You can take this whole course in an afternoon, if you like, just like being in a workshop setting; or space out the lectures across days so you can do the practices in-between.


Maybe you need to take some "Baby Steps" before you take this course.

If you've never done any drawing before I suggest you take the Baby Steps To Drawing Success FREE mini-course first.

I created that course for those who really believe they can't draw (which just isn't true).

Thank you for your interest in your artistic growth.


Kim Victoria
Only 2 Art Supplies

You don't need much to learn a lot.

Build Your Skills

You will amaze yourself.

Full Demonstrations

Complete demonstrations in both real time and sped up.


Kim Victoria, your instructor

I use contour drawing all the time in my art, not usually as a line drawing as you will observe in these videos, but as a way of seeing the world and helping interpret that seeing into my art.

Kim Victoria