See Like A Fine Artist

Anyone can draw and paint who has a sincere desire to do so - it is that simple.

Online courses that take art students to ever expanding understanding and abilities.

The goal is to help artists discover who they truly are, what their unique vision is, and being able to express that in their drawings and paintings; to realize the artistic genius inside. Best of all - you get to create what inspires you!

See Like A Fine Artist is about shifting your focus of attention away from your mind and into your eyes with your heart. This experience of new seeing transforms everything you perceive about your visual world. And YOUR visual world looks different from everybody else's. That's why I don't teach you how to draw and paint like me - I teach you how to draw and paint like YOU.

"she explained to me about painting as if I was writing a book"

I had never painted before coming to Kim Victoria’s class. She asked me what other creative things I’d done in my life, and when I told her I was a writer she got really excited. Then she explained to me about painting as if I was writing a book, which made it easy for me to understand.

I also remember the time she gave me a photograph and told me I had only 30 minutes to do a painting from it. I thought it was impossible, but you know, that was one of the best paintings I’ve ever done. She felt I was ready to be pushed and was right.

One time I took a workshop with a different teacher and he told me to never paint skies blue, and that I should paint over the blue sky on my painting. I painted over the sky with yellow gray like he suggested and then hated the painting; it was so dull and sad looking. Kim explained that it’s all preferences and that particular art teacher has his, but his preferences are not the only way to do things. Lots of successful painters paint blue skies when it fits the theme. I am learning to believe in my own feelings about my work.

Kim is such a dear lady and teacher, always encouraging everyone in just the way they need. I am so glad she was the first art teacher I found.

Betty P

Kim Victoria, Fine Artist

Hi, I’m Kim Victoria

There's nothing like an all-consuming fire to knock the creativity right out of you.

That's what happened to me and my husband on November 8, 2018, when the Camp Fire destroyed Paradise, California, including our home, studio, hundreds of pieces of art and all our photography of 50+ years.

Abundant blessings came next and we were well taken care of by friends and family. We are in a new home and I have a new studio.

I've been drawing and painting all my life, took master classes in painting for 4 years, and then taught painting for over 10 years. Since I knw how to help my students grow as artists in live classes, it now makes sense to offer online classes.

I plan to create many classes, courses, trainings, and coaching for artists at all levels, absolute beginner to advanced. The only requirement is that you WANT to learn.